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Specialist in Supply of Materials & Installation of Hot/Cold/Acoustic Insulation, Refractory Works & Fire-proofing Works
Over 25 years of Experience in the Industry with Presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand


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About Us

Energy Conservation Systems Sdn Bhd is currently operated by our directors, Mr. Loo Eng Leong, and Mr. Borhan Abu Bakar. Our executive director, Mr. Loo, has many years of experience in the insulation, refractory and fire-proofing, and spearheads our organisation in Malaysia. Under his leadership, together with our local director, Mr. Borhan, and our team in Malaysia, we have successfully clinched and completed many projects within and out of Malaysia. In recent years, we have also forged good relations with our clients in the marine industry and have since expanded our expertise to the marine industry as well.

Our areas of specialization include (but not restricted to):

- Supply and Installation of hot, cold and acoustic insulation for industrial plants.
- Supply and Installation of refractory linings on industrial boilers, furnaces, and other heated equipment.
- Supply and Installation of fireproofing linings on steel structures, vessels, equipment saddles, legs and skirts.
- Insulation systems design, engineering, material procurement service, project supervision and management.

(If you have a project enquiry, please contact us here.)

Together with our sales and marketing team in our Singapore office, we can supply a comprehesive range of INSULATION, REFRACTORY and FIRE-PROOFING products, from our network of global suppliers.

Our range of product lines include:

- Hot service insulation materials like Rockwool, Fiberglass, Calcium Silicate, and others in the form of blankets, slabs,
  curved segments and pipe sectionals.
- Cold service insulation materials like PIR Foam, PUF Foam, Phenolic Foam, Cellular Glass, and others in the form of slabs,
  curved segments and pipe sectionals.
- Ceramic Fiber range of products from Unifrax (Fiberfrax, Isofrax and Insulfrax), including blankets, paper, boards, ropes,
  cloth, modules, wet mixes (cements, moldables, adhesives, rigidiser, and others), and Ancillary products.
- Refractory materials including bricks, plastics, castables, mortar, ancillary products and others.
- Insulation accessories like bandings, tie wires, wing seals, toggle clips, self-tapping screws, washers, insulation pins,
  claddings, aluminium tapes and foils, and others.
- Mastics, Sealants, Coatings and Adhesives.
- Industrial textiles like Fiberglass cloth, tapes, ropes, etc.
- Our own labels (Eco-lite, Eco-lite-L, Eco-tex, Eco-thane, Eco-therm)
- Specialist in Project Materials Procurement services.

(If you have a product enquiry, or enquiries on project materials supply, please contact us here.)

OUR MISSION STATEMENT : To continually STRIVE to be the industry's MARKET LEADER and expand our business GLOBALLY.

12 Jalan Mutiara Emas 5/12, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Telephone: +02-07-3552411 Fax: +02-07-3552412

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